Storage Creep when calling IDMSOCF

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 11, 2005

A few months ago I had reported a problem with calling IDMSOCF from an ADS
dialog. We have an online application that performs updates to the IDMS
security by calling IDMSOCF. If this was done repeatedly, then the DB
storage pool above the line slowly filled up. I had followed the
instructions I had found in the 12.0 manual, this when we started to use
this method, and never seen any problems until we blew our storage pool.

The solution is to code an END statement to complete the passed command
strings to IDMSOCF. Tested under 16.0 SP1.

Thought it right to keep you all informed.

Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy


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Re: Release 16 question - dynamic PDE's for CA programs

If it's just CA supplied programs you want to change, why not make a copy of
the DLOD members that have sysgen information in them and then mass edit the
cloned member and strip out everything but the program name line. Then, add
a delete verb and a period and ta da! Delete statements for just the CA
supplied program defs.

Does this help in any way?

Good luck,

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