Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Numbers from QO64151 (16.0) and QO64153

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 17, 2005

On behalf of Ed Mckinney:

Chris, what the DCMT D STA SYS tells me is that at startup, 4 signons
are actually logged into the CV sumultaneously. Most likely they are the
same userid on dynamic ltes executing the autotasks and also our
undercover autotasks of CLOD and QUED. If security is enabled, the
autotasks have to perform a signon, and will use the userid of the user
that starts up the CV job. (or the CV jobname as a userid).
This is not a bug. If you have other CVs w/o autotasks - you will see a
different display. Also, if you have a CV with no security (not
production of course!) you will probably see 0 SIGNED ON and 0 HWM after
a startup.
The signon is done under the covers for autotasks, and you will not see
and DC messages on the log.
In your case, the 4 simultaneous signed on users in the HWM were
probably for the 3 autotasks, and one of our startup autotasks, altho
other tasks can cause a signon also.
Hope this helps.. I've run thru some tests and you can be assured there
is not a bug in this area.
Thanks.. Ed McKinney