ode to 14.1 (have i got nothing better to do?)

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 12, 2005
as we all know, IDMS 14.1 (MVS) will no longer be supported after=20

with this in mind, I have composed (or did i de-compose) a little ditty :=
=20 an ode to CA-IDMS 14.1

sung to the tune of ""the theme to Mystery Science Theatre 3000""


In the not too distant future
September 30, 2005
The idms we know as 14.1
Is going to take a dive

It was in February 1999
14.1 started looking mighty fine=20
It did a great job keeping CVs alive
But now its-a time to be going to release one-five ? (or maybe one-six ..=

We sent it cheesy transactions
The worst we could find (la-la-la)
It handled them all with style and grace And almost never 1469

Now keep in mind it can?t control
When COBOL MOViES begin or end (la-la-la) Because it used that special code
To build its helot friends ?.

HELOT ROLL CALL (c?mon, lets go)

ECB 41 (pan left)
178 (hi girls)
204 (what a cool guy)
999 (What a wisecracker)

If you're wondering how IDMS survives,=20 And other DB facts (la-la-la)=20
Then repeat to yourself, ""It's the best Database,=20 I should really just
relax"".=20 For... CA-IDMS 3000 !=20

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Re: ode to 14.1 (have i got nothing better to do?)
If you do find something better to do then the whole IDMS community would
have lost.