Re:[IDMS-L] XA Storage Type Terminal and Database

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 19, 2005

We have noticed something funny after going to 16.0 SP1 + apars over the
weekend dealing with XA storage type DB.

We have had our storage pools split since we moved to LE runtime a
number of years ago. We have an XA pool 131 for type DB/TR. We had set
this at 2500 and mostly seemed to use 1000 as a maximum most days. Since
we went to 16.0 on the weekend we have had to increase this to 3500 with
new highs around 3000 for each day. This figure is reached at the end of
day by batch CV jobs. We sit at an HWM of 520 for our online and then
this spikes during the evening.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour running 16.0 SP1 under z/OS 1.4?


Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy


Note John Siraco has raised QI68061 to describe the output of DCMT D

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Re: XA Storage Type Terminal and Database
"Thanks for your response Sam.

We thought that we had a different problem in that we have some Batch
COBOL programs that call DC-COBOL programs. The DC-COBOL programs do not
perform DML statements so they apparently work. A quick test proved that
this was not the culprit for this problem.

We are requesting the test fix. The fix was created on Feb 9th so it
could not have been confirmed as fixing the problem or will it just
appear as part of SP2 soon?