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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 25, 2005
Do not have an exit but you have several alternatives. 1. Would be to
increase the size of the journals 2. Would be to increase the number of
journals 3. Would be to put the journals to a disk pool setup for them

There are advantages and disadvantages to each solution but the exit
would not be a solution at all for me.

I am assume that you have a special job class for the tape offload jobs
( journal jobs) so that there is no delay in starting the offloads and
the offload jobs should be set a notch above other batch jobs as well if


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Has anyone come up with an automated or exit solution for those times in
which a run unit fills up the journals which requires a manual cancel
run unit to resolve?

Limits is active, however they are set high for legitimate run units.

SYSLOG Example.....

+IDMS DC205013 All Disk Journals are UNAVAILABLE; Reasons below. IDMS
+DC205004 Disk Journal is OFFLOADING/CONDENSING. Waiting for J1JRNL IDMS

+DC205014 ARCHIVE JOURNAL NOT yet RUN against full Journal J2JRNL IDMS
+DC205014 ARCHIVE JOURNAL NOT yet RUN against full Journal J3JRNL
+IDMS DC205011 NO Journals are AVAILABLE.   IDMS Waiting

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Re: DC205011 No Journals are AVAILABLE
"Bob, in addition to the posts about size and number of journals, I would add
that you might consider running the journal offloads to a dedicated disk
pool to get journals offloaded quickly. The offloaded file can then be
copied to tape if space is an issue or simply be a member of a GDG so that
clean-up is automatic.