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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that R16 SP2 is now available for download directly
from the CA website.

Several new features are available on this tape, that some people are
calling R16.2:

* JDBC Type 4 Driver
* XML Publishing
* High Performance Storage Protect
* Improved DBA Productivity
o Single Startup Module
o Command Facility Scripting
o Enhanced Utilities and System Tasks Reporting & Options
o Dynamic Control of Cache Memory

For detailed information, please visit

For a recorded version of a webcast explaining the new features, please
go to and choose event Webcast Replays.

Laura Rochon
IUA Board of Directors
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Re: R16 CPU use
"Kay - we are in a similar situation regarding CPU and just did the 14.1 to
16.0 SP(1) upgrade - and for us it has been CPU neutral (I checked back
through some e-mail exchanges with our capacity guy to make sure that this
was indeed the case).

We are running multi-tasking and believed that in either 15 or 16 there were
improvements in that area and so hoped for some CPU gain - but to date

We need to go back and review our sysgen to see if during the install we
undid some previous tuning that if reset might get us back some CPU. We'll
let you know if we find anything.

Cheers - Gary

Gary Cherlet
Justice Technology Services
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