Release 16 question

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jun 17, 2005
As I understand it, with ZOS there are 3 distinct areas of the OS, below
the line (0 to 16 M, above the line but below the bar (16M to 96M), and
above the bar (above 96M). My current client is installing a Z800
machine and, again, as I understand it, the Z800 machine has the
architecture to exploit the space 'above the bar'. Does IDMS rel 16 use
the 'above the bar' space, and, if so, how? Has anybody been able to
exploit this vast area? And, if so, have you seen any significant
performance improvements due to moving things 'above the bar'?

I am asking because my client is currently running rel 15 SP3 and had
asked me whether they should go to rel 15 SP6 or to rel 16. I had
recommended SP6 then found out about the new machine and wondered if
there were significant reasons, given the new architecture, to change my

Thank you in advance for your responses.

John Wheeler