16.2 Head Banger

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 25, 2005
Hi gang! Geez, I don't write for a year, and now 2 in less than a week.

Installing 16.2, and ran across something that caused me to lose more of
my already thinning hair. ScenariTo: IDMS 14.1 is running fine. Shut
it down normally, and cut over libraries and dictionaries, initialized
journals. Started up 16.2. CV abends on a 3964 on startup with
absolutely no indication as to why in the JES log. Dumped log file.
Nothing there either. This problem did not occur in the previous 4 CV's
I had cut over. Base 16.2 load library is a copy of the one I cloned to
make the base libraries for the other 4 that were already upgraded.

So I swapped in the old libraries, reinitialized journals using the 14.1
base BCF. Started the CV. Came up just fine.

Resolution: STACKSIZE was 945. CA recommends a minimum STACKSIZE of
3000 - and if I had been following their recommendations, I wouldn't be
writing this e-mail to y'all). Regenned the new STACKSIZE (3000),
swapped libraries, initialized journals again, and started up 16.2.
Problem verified resolved.

There were no hits on this in Knowledge Base, and at 04:30, Level-1 is
still asleep.

Moral of the story: 16.2 uses more stack (and a little more STORAGE
POOL 0 too) than 14.1 (don't know about 15.0). So before you upgrade
that CV, check your STACKSIZE. It might save you some grief.


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Re: 16.2 Head Banger

Look for the sysgen recommended values apar, don't have the number
offhand but it does mention a 3964 abend if your stacksize is too small.

Steve Harmeson