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Our Database Designers (DBD's) have been doing unload/reload processing of non-SQL databases for many years and have had no problems with putting the database areas in retrieval to take a copy upon which they do their database maintenance. For some years now they have been using DB-EZReorg so that they can leave the areas in update and the journal files are used for ""catch up"" processing at the end of the process in order to minimise time when the database areas are not available at all. I think quite a few shops are doing this without any problems.

It looks like we may be getting our first IDMS/SQL database development and the DBD's are concerned that they have not been able to reproduce this process for an SQL area. When they tried it the first time they found that they could not do the unload/reload with the SQL area in retrieval. Has anybody else experienced this?

Generally - are there any traps or pitfalls an experienced non-SQL DBA should watch out for when performing physical maintenance activities against IDMS/SQL databases for the first time? If anybody is aware of a CA-World or IUA Workshop presentation on this subject perhaps you could point us in that direction instead of typing a great long answer on the general issue? The DBD's main concern at the moment is the unload/reload issue.

TIA - cheers - Gary

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Re: Storing VIA records in a separate area
"Storing records in a via set those records are stored after the current of set.
Even if your via area is big, or the pagesizes are big relative to the calc pages.
If you are storing sorted records in a via set , and most of the records are aproxemately stored
in a close range off pages and those pages are filled more then 70 % all the run-units want to
update the same space-management page.(also waiting for the page lock)
If you dont want this be sure database pages are not filled more the 69 %

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