Re: A TCP/IP Question or Two

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 24, 2005
We have been using ODBC and JDBC (type 2 and 3) connectivity for a few years
now, via CCI and a Proxy Server. We are now implementing TCP/IP to replace
these, and rewriting the interface to our applications to use the JDBC type
4 connectivity (TCP/IP). Out tests have shown a 40-60% DECREASE in overhead
(it screams). And when we were able to (finally) stress it to the point of
breaking, it managed to recover nicely - the ""breaking point"" being a
(patchable) restriction in Windows.

There is a ""gotcha"" however, and it got us. Your CV's MUST be authorized
via RACF/ACF2 (or Top Secret, as in our case) in order for Unix System
Services to allow TCP/IP connectivity. There is no way around this (IBM
says so).

As for implementation, it was a snap. Just define the line, PTE/LTE's and
the listener (with a unique port addresss).

I'm VERY impressed with this new feature. It is definitely the way to go
for old and new users desiring fast, stable communications from front end
JAVA applications to the back end IDMS CV.

Rikki Kirschner
(517) 347-5772