Re: Exceeds Resource Limits using DMLO

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Any indexes on the SERVIC record?

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Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:12:25 -0500
Subject: Exceeds Resource Limits using DMLO


I have a situation where I'm exceeding resource limits while trying to
modify a record using DMLO. The limits are set at 7000.

Here is the scenario that I'm abending on.

Owner Record Client
Member Record Servic
Client-Servic set is defined as NPO MA DSC Date-End-Servic DF

The Client owner record has 4 Servic member records. Listed below are
the 4
servic records along with the Date-End-Servic value.
I populate the Date-End-Servic with the value of 20030823 on Servic 1
modify the Servic record using DMLO. This is where I exceed resource
and abend. If the modify would have completed the set would then be in
different order with Servic 2 being listed first and Servic 1 being
second. This is a common process that we do and have not had problems
before with exceeding resource limits.

Servic 1 99999999
Servic 2 99999999
Servic 3 20030301
Servic 4 20030204

We did change the limits to 10000 and the record modified okay. Does
have a clue why I would abend when I'm trying to modify 1 record in a
set that contains only 4 members? I can walk this set forward and
which indicates no broken chains and when I increase limits the record

Thanks for any input.

Ruth Kraber-Lendt
Child Welfare Information Systems (CWIS)

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Re: Question about HPSP
The R16.2 High Performance Storage Protection Option is the same as the
'old' storage protection - To use it you need to have storage protection
turned on at the SYSTEM level to 'enable' storage protection for the CV.
You can then turn storage protection on or off for individual programs
by using the PROGRAM PROTECT/NOPROTECT option.
If you have your storage key set to 9 AND your storage pools defined
correctly then HPSPO will be used. If either of these is not true then
the 'old' storage protection (with its hefty CPU overhead) will be used

Steve Terry

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Subject: Question about HPSP

Does the 16.2 High Performance Storage Protection feature apply to
system-level storage protection, program-level storage protection, or

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Re: Exceeds Resource Limits using DMLO
"I'm curious about this second set - it doesn't happen to be also sorted on
Date-End-Servic does it? If so then the new value would result in both sets
being re-ordered. The search for the new ""logical"" location within both sets
would start on the first record off the owner - so on average you have to
read 1/2 the number of records in the set. But in the case of a set sorted
descending on date sequence when the date is always increasing you would
expect to find the right location within the first few records (given that
all 9's is being used for not ended services). I wonder if this second set
has a different sort sequence - perhaps ASC that always puts the modified
record at the end? With what you've told us what you are seeing doesn't make
sense unless there is something odd about the second set that has a large
number of members.

Cheers - Gary

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