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Hello All:

We are having a data base performance problem that I am trying to figure
with an online IDMS CICS Program. Using Performance monitor PMRM PF 6
Transaction Detail I can see the last verb number, current area name and
record name, but, the last verb number is a 0021, here is what help says
the Last Verb Number field:

03 Help for Field - Last_Verb_Number
Last Verb identifies the last DML verb issued for a transaction. The
number is assigned to the verb as a major function code (see the CA-IDMS
Programmer's Quick Reference.

Here is the problem, there is no DML Major Function Code of 0021 or 21, if
this field is the IDBMSCOM field, the program does not have an IDBMSCOM
if this value is in hex, then the value would be 33, an IDBMSCOM (33) is an
obtain record name within set using sort key. One problem with that is that
program does not have an OBTAIN RECORD WITHIN SET USING SORT-KEY for the
record named in the Current Record name and Current Area Name. The area
name and
record name in the PMRM display only has one DML Verb for the named record
in the program and it is a STORE ORDDTL.

The ORDDTL record is getting stored VIA into a sorted chained set, the set
has NP pointers, the set connection is MA, the sort order is ASC and
are last. I am running an IDMSDBAN now to determine set lengths but
according to the programmer there is a 1 to 25 relationship, 25 member
records to
each owner record .

The performance problem is that the program is reading approximately 16,000
records or 6,000 pages, the records requested from DB is 16,000 but the
records current of transaction is only 28. Since this program access the
area in
shared update it appears to be locking every record it reads, the lock
are also 16,000, of course this is causing other tasks that access these
records to get a DB-KEY wait and some Dead Locks.

At this point I am confused by Performance Monitor, does anyone know what
this Last Verb Number Field really is? And can I believe the Current Record
Name and Current Area Name fields?

Bill Allen

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Re: Help with PERFMON Information
"Yes it is an Hex value.