A puzzling question..

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 28, 2005
Shortly after upgrading to r14.1 and LE Cobol we started getting UFC6
abends. After much hard work we found the solution to this to be a
program was not added to the sysgen. After adding the program to the
sysgen all was fine.

Now we upgraded to r15.0 and once again were getting a few UFC6 abends.
This time we found the problem to be a decimal divide exception (divide by
zero) .

Looking up UFC6 on the CA web site all references are to optional bit 232
and table procedures. We do not have the SQL option and therefore no
tables and or procedures.

I have tried to look up the UFC6 on the IBM web site to with no good

Does anyone have any idea were I can find documentation on the UFC6 abend.

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Re: A puzzling question..

I believe that this is a 4038 LE code.

This is from the z/OS1.4 manual

U4038 (X'FC6')

Explanation: The enclave ended with an unhandled Language Environment

software-raised or user-raised condition of severity 2 or greater, and
run-time option ABTERMENC(ABEND) was specified.

Programmer Response: Check the Language Environment message file for

message output.

System Action: Enclave terminated.

Chris Wood
Alberta Department of Energy