Good bye IDMS ???

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 1, 2005
My employer is trying to convert all self made ADS&IDMS core business
systems to software package running on AIX/Oracle (not the best
combination btw).

Results so far are not exactly encouraging : huge performance problems
with fraction of the final amount of data, 20+ people project with at
least three oracle dba's doing what was done in the mainframe with three
programmers and one dba. Not to speak about the money spent, so far. And
the overdue schedule. And moving target of the project. And....

One conclusion I have made is this : Facts are not the most important
ingredient in decisisions, although they should be.

Timo Kotilainen
Fennia Mutual Insurance

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Re: Good bye IDMS ???
"Kay, folks here found that UNIX/ORACLE was no bargain either.

A few years ago they decided to migrate a high-volume, time-critical
application from IDMS to ORACLE. When they got to large volume stress
testing, it became apparent that 5 of the biggest servers available
dedicated to running ORACLE could not match the throughput of one S390
running IDMS (along with DB2/QMF) and other miscellaneous work.

The project was abandoned and the UNIX boxes were appropriated to other