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Hi All,
I know this is a personal subject, so I don't know how many will
How many people are just going to wave goodbye to this field when
current IDMS job is gone? How many still have the desire (absent of
a paycheck) to learn new things and start from the bottom again?
I'm pretty sure that once my last IDMS client is gone, I will be
goodbye and I'll find something else to do. That is, unless someone
along and says they want me for my IDMS knowledge and experiance. Then
might consider continuing. But with the lack of respect technicians
receive, the lack of involvement in any decision making, and the general
treatment that a technician is just about the lowest form of life in the
company and could easily be replaced, (along with all the documentation,
approval and paper work now required to do any type of change) I don't
the reason for starting again at another company.

Joe Lupico
IDMS System Support
""Our World is a Happy World""

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Re: Goodbye Career?
"In the course of twenty some years working on IBM mainframes I have
acquired a background in MVS, JCL, COBOL, BAL, RACF, SMS, RMM, TSO,
ISPF, SMP/E, RMF, SMF, SNA, VTAM, etc. Supposing IDMS were to go out the
door today and I were to move to CICS, DB2, or MVS support, I would
consider it more of a change in specialty, certainly not starting from
the bottom again.

It would be quite another story were I asked to move into Windows / SQL
Server or Unix / Oracle. My enthusiasm wouldn't be what it was twenty
years ago but I still find EDP one of the more interesting ways to make
a living.