Goodbye Career?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 4, 2005
Hi All,
I know this is a personal subject, so I don't know how many will respond.
How many people are just going to wave goodbye to this field when their
current IDMS job is gone? How many still have the desire (absent of needing
a paycheck) to learn new things and start from the bottom again?
I'm pretty sure that once my last IDMS client is gone, I will be waving
goodbye and I'll find something else to do. That is, unless someone comes
along and says they want me for my IDMS knowledge and experiance. Then I
might consider continuing. But with the lack of respect technicians
receive, the lack of involvement in any decision making, and the general
treatment that a technician is just about the lowest form of life in the
company and could easily be replaced, (along with all the documentation,
approval and paper work now required to do any type of change) I don't see
the reason for starting again at another company.

Joe Lupico
IDMS System Support
""Our World is a Happy World""

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Re: Goodbye Career?
"Kinda the same boat. I used to be (in time sequence of 35 years): 1.
longtime MVS & VM systems programmer; 2. Novell & Microsoft OS certs; 3.
operations manager; 4. IDMS/ADS programmer analyst; and in the undefined
future 5. migration specialist to unknown platform. Our IDMS conversion
is a company directive (vague wish) at this point, with so many
opportunities for failure. I still favor supporting the user - if
support is well done, it's usually noticed and at a high level. If it
isn't noticed, you are not marketing your impact enough. You know how
many newbie kiddies don't support well - it's all about technology for
them. The situation is not hopeless - you have a wealth of expertise in
the 'soft skills'. Maximize it - it's a rush.

Dave Purdy