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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 5, 2005
Not that I am looking <grin>, but searching od DBAJOBS.COM, MONSTER.COM,
COMPUTERJOBS.COM, DICE.COM and others seem to usually show 1 of 2 kinds of
IDMS DBA positions:

1) contract
2) no relocation

having said that, I think there will be IDMS work available for the
foreseeable future, if one is willing to go to where the work is - but I
must admit that I do not understand why more companies do not allow
telecommuting - I think they are losing out on qualified folks by
requiring an on-site employee - unless the DBA is doubling as a tape mount
operator, i dont see the need for 100% onsite .

If an employer required 3 days a month onsite, and the rest telecommute,
the employer would attract more qualified applicants, which would in the
long run enable the employer to choose the best qualified and not ""take
whatever is available"".

Chris Hoelscher
IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator
Humana Inc

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"Re: goodby IDMS, working from home..."
"....well, if most companies adopted a WAH policy, then Chris could be the
DBA for all IDMS sites. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the revenue. But on
a serious note, I was a 'remote' DBA at a client site, and it is not a
desirable situation, for the DBA or the people he/she supports. A
considerable part of a dba's job is political in nature, and working
remotely it's impossible to understand who's doing what to whom, and
it's difficult to head things off at the pass. A remote DBA becomes
interrupt driven, the interrupt being a request for service, after
decisions have been made and often at a point where problems are
interfering with deadlines.

Ok, truth be told, I only wrote this message to see if it still contains
garbled characters in the message text.

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Re: Goodbye Career? Not necessarily!
"Hi Hal and Kay,
I think you are both completely correct. I am sure there are many IDMS sites that have been trying to migrate from from IDMS purely because of the mainframe cost, mine amongst them, and Hal's comments apply to my present company and the last I worked for to the letter!.

IDMS sites have produced their own bespoke software systems that provide for every idiosyncrosy that companies have, and off the shelf packages do not provide that functionality. My current company have been trying to convert to SAP for a few years and my previous company spent millions converting to ORACLE, which was a total waste of money considering where IDMS is now. I do feel that IDMS will stay with us for a long time purely because it does the job as fast and as efficient as the SQL alternatives. The trouble is that about ten years ago the alternatives looked very attractive costwise , and us DBA's didn't hold the purse strings, and it's too late to do a U turn. Long live IDMS (and everyone who sailed in her - especially Chris)