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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 6, 2005
....well, if most companies adopted a WAH policy, then Chris could be
the DBA for all IDMS sites. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the revenue. But
on a serious note, I was a 'remote' DBA at a client site, and it is not
a desirable situation, for the DBA or the people he/she supports. A
considerable part of a dba's job is political in nature, and working
remotely it's impossible to understand who's doing what to whom, and
it's difficult to head things off at the pass. A remote DBA becomes
interrupt driven, the interrupt being a request for service, after
decisions have been made and often at a point where problems are
interfering with deadlines.

Ok, truth be told, I only wrote this message to see if it still contains
garbled characters in the message text.

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"Re: goodby IDMS, working from home..."
"The ""DBA by Wire"" can be very successful. The interaction with other
staff is as much or as little as the effort you put into it.

I was a telecommuter for 5 years from Northeast PA to Holland America in
Seattle WA during the Y2K rush. Everyone was happy with the
arrangement. (Sick parent)

Scott J. Brady
Holland America Line
Seattle, WA