Verifying an IDMS Install

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Hi All,
Management here is once again on a mission to have documentation produced
on how a product is verified once it's installed.
I would like to query the list to find out how you (if you are the
installer) verifies that IDMS has been installed correctly and ALL the
components are working.
In my case, I have to install every IDMS product - both base and tool. I
have no way, that I know of, that I could possibly test that every component
is working, especially when I'm in an environment where not all products are
utilized by clients. There are a lot of products within the IDMS family
that I I don't know how to use, or can not test because I simply don't have
the resources (database and/or application). This is especially true since
I initially install products into an LPAR that is only used by system
I have always installed IDMS and tested that regions come up with no
problems, CICS/TSO/VTAM interfaces are working, and the basic compilers work
- IDD, SSC, etc. Beyond that, I install into test regions with a quick
backout plan readily available. It's worked for me for over 15 years.

Joe Lupico
IDMS System Support
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