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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 11, 2005
Hi All:

At the State of Iowa Department of Human Services, the CA/IDMS
Dictionary Migrator is used to migrate applications to production. This
may not have anything to do with the problem.

We recently migrated an ADSA application to the production environment.
IDD shows there are LOAD, SOURCE and PROGRAM entities now defined for
map help modules. When using MAPC compiler, it shows that the map help
is correctly defined for a map. A DCMT display shows that the program
for the help text is there. We have tried NCI-ing the MAP and the HELP,
however, no matter what we do, when invoking HELP on the map (PF1 -
defined in ADSA as the HELP function) the APPLICATION CONTROL FACILITY
HELP SCREEN is all that shows.

It does not do this for all screens, but most.

Any ideas?

Tim Gortner
State of Iowa

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Re: Map help problem
One thought........
Are you sharing dictionary load area with another CV? You may have the
""old"" application in the buffer and forcing new copy will not do a
physical read. If this is the case, force buffer flush (Vary buffer
name 3) and then back to regular buffer size. Then try your new copy

Scott J. Brady
Holland America Line