CA-World 2005 pre-conference education

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Hi folks,

CA is offering pre-conference education again this year at CA-World in
Las Vegas. The class being offered is the FD405LN. The class is
designed to give new database adminitrators (DBAs) an overview of all
the components necessary to understand and manage their Advantage
CA-IDMS system. The DC/UCF startup and shutdown processes are described
as well as the tools available to review system information, analyze the
database and tune the system. Veteran DBAs can also benefit from this
class as the new features in Advantage CA-IDMS r16.2 are incorporated.

The class will be on Saturday, November 12th 2005, starting at 9:00am
until 12:15pm, and John Siraco will be the instructor..

Remember that CA-World is in Las Vegas from November 13th until November
17th 2005.

I hope to see you there,
Laura Rochon

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Re: A number of issues have been resolved
"If my memory serves me right, and if it still works the same way, tech support used to have to attach
the test fixes to an issue of yours. If this is still true, open an issue, have them attach the test apar numbers
to it, then you should be able to get them.

J. Wayne Doneker
BAE Systems
York Pa.
717 225 8109

David.Matthews@DHL.COM 10/20/2005 12:46:43 PM >>>
What am I missing on SupCon? I can't find these or any other Temp-Fix in
the Published Solutions nor Knowledge Base.
(Thanks in Abject Advance Appreciation)