Disabling dynamic allocation

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 7, 2005
Is there any way to turn dynamic allocation off for a dmcl, at run time?
Basically, formatting new files, using an existing dmcl, new datasets,
and tell idms to use the jcl only and no allocation statement from the
dmcl. I'm thinking idmssysi, but I can't find the parm.

Lutz Petzold

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Re: Disabling dynamic allocation

If you using release 15.0 there is a SYSIDMS parm for turning dynamic
allocation off. It is in the 15.0 Features Guide:

4.3.5 Dynamic Allocation Control

Release 15.0 provides the ability to control whether or not files will
dynamically allocated in a local mode job. By default, if dynamic

allocation information is included in the DMCL used by a local mode job,

then CA-IDMS will dynamically allocate a file unless it is overridden

through the execution JCL. Unfortunately, this has occasionally
in access to unintended files when the JCL override was mistyped.

Establishing a site default is done by creating a SYSIDMS options module

and specifying a value for the new LOCAL_DYNAMIC_ALLOCATION parameter.
default, the value of this parameter is ON, meaning that dynamic

allocation is used in local mode. Specifying a value of OFF directs

CA-IDMS to not use dynamic allocation in local mode.
The site default can be overridden for an individual job step by

specifying the LOCAL_DYNAMIC_ALLOCATION parameter in the SYSIDMS file

associated with the job step.

For information in creating a SYSIDMS options module, refer to CA-IDMS

Database Administration - Volume 2.

Steve Harmeson