'0306' error in ADS application

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 20, 2005
We are in the process of upgrading from R14.1 SP6 to R16 SP2. Our
developers are doing ADS application testing on an R16 CV, with data and
dictionaries copied from their regular test CV's.

Two large applications have tested out fine on the R16 CV. But third
one is getting an '0306' error (no currency established) on a CALC key
passed from one dialog to another. This error does not occur on their
regular test CV. Further research is needed to determine just where the
currency is being lost, but I thought I would try to rule some things
out first:

1) Although the dictionary and data are copied directly from the R14.1
CV, the R16 CV has its own system dictionary and catalog. So I am
wondering if I might have something wrong there. Does anyone know of a
SYSGEN setting that could cause this kind of error?

2) Or any R16 ""closed loopholes"" that could cause this kind of error?

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Re: '0306' error in ADS application
"The developer has verified that this is exactly their situation. So
this fix is probably just what we need.

Thanks to all who replied so quickly!