consolidating journals ???

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 5, 2006
how do other shops consolidate journals?

1) at offload time, append to daily file?
2) af offload time, append to file until X journals are appended, then
start with new tape?
3) at and of day, accumulate all journal tapes onto daily file?
4) do not consolidate - keep X number of journals (enough to cover data
since last full backup)

I chose to implement #1, but about once a year a jobs goes wild and
updates/deletes millions (or at least many) of rows and , despite 6
journals, the offloads cannot keep up with updating (the offloading and
appending taking more than the previous, sometimes over 10 minutes)

I am willing to admit that my approach my not be the best and look for
other alternatives ... so I am looking for how others do it

in other shops. is the time needed and possible delays caused by realtime
consolidation be worth the time saved if a non-auto recovery IS needed?,
or do other shops just waint until ""an event"" to consolidate the journal


Chris Hoelscher
IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator
Humana Inc

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Re: consolidating journals ???
"We use option #4 for journals. We wait for ""an event"" to consolidate the
journal offloads. This does slow down the recovery process, but
""events"" occur rarely at our shop. (This was not always the case. Back
in pre-historic days, our mainframe was not on a UPS, and we had
""events"" on a regular basis.)

We use option #1 for the logs, because they are used for daily reports.