The Fat Lady Sings

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 24, 2006
Hi All,
Well, the Fat Lady is warming up in her dressing room.
My time here will end next week and with it may well be the
(voluntary) end of my IDMS career. If this is so, it's been a great
ride and I wanted to thank everyone on this list who has answered
questions for me over the years.
Like most of us, I have experienced the decline in respect and
appreciation for the job of the technician, whether that be a system
programmer or DBA. Although I knew the end of IDMS was coming at my
company and was completely prepared for being laid off, I remain shocked
at the lack of dignity and class shown by large organizations. In my
case, it was being blindsided by a bad review followed by a mandate to
either accept a demotion to another on-call position (while remaining
the only IDMS on-call person) or quit.
I may see all of you back here some day if there is still a job out
there which ""floats my boat"". Otherwise, I wish you all well with the
best database package on the market - by far.


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Re: administrivia
"Hi Chris,
The last sentence in your email that reads:

""this is not the list it was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago - the
industry has changed, we have changed, what mat or may not be appripriate
has (perhaps) changed""

It sounds like you are saying that it is ok to be offensive, rude and/or
insensitive now that we have all changed. I know that's not what you meant.

It is NOT appropriate for readers or contributors to act this way! We all
sometimes say things we regret and then we should apologize when

Just my 3 1/2 cents and perhaps some of us just need to get back to the
basics of being considerate of our peers!

Joe Perkins