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Since Bank of America is headquartered in my home town of Charlotte, NC Here
is their corporate History. I think Lutz may of worked for BankAmerica that
was headquartered in San Francisco and not the new Bank of America in
Charlotte, North Carolina?

Corporate History
Commercial National  Bank
( (CNB), the earliest forerunner of NationsBank, was formed in 1874.
In 1957, Commercial National merged with its longtime rival in Charlotte,
American Trust Co. ( , forming
American Commercial  Bank
( . American Commercial changed its name to _North Carolina  National
Bank_ ( (NCNB) in 1960
after acquiring of Greensboro
(,_North_Carolina) -based Security  National Bank
( . In the early 70s, it
reorganized as the leading subsidiary of NCNB Corporation.
NCNB expanded beyond North Carolina for the first time in 1982, when it
purchased Lake City, Florida-based First  National Bank of Lake City
, its first interstate expansion. Hugh  McColl
( became CEO of NCNB the following year.
In 1988, NCNB's assets grew to $60 billion after it bought the failed _First
Republic Bank_
( of Dallas (,_Texas) ,
Texas ( from the FDIC
( .
NCNB became NationsBank in 1991 after acquiring Atlanta
( -based C&S/Sovran  Corp.
( Following the merger, the Bank's
assets grew to $118 billion.
In 1996, NationsBank acquired St. Louis
( -based Boatmen's  Bancshares
('s_Bancshares&action=edit) for $9.6 billion. The combined bank
became the largest in the American south, with assets of $225 billion, and 2,600
branches stretching from North Carolina to New Mexico.
The following year, NationsBank acquired Florida's largest bank,
Jacksonville-based Barnett Bank, for $15.5 billion, growing the company's total assets
to $284 billion.
In _1998_ ( , it merged with BankAmerica
( , San Francisco,  California
(,_California) , and the whole unit
took on the name of Bank  of America
( . With this merger, all of NationsBank's holdings, including some of the
tallest buildings in the nation (like Bank of  America Plaza
( in Atlanta
( and the Bank of  America Corporate Center
( in Charlotte) took
Bank of America's name. Headquarters for the new enterprise were established in
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