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Hey Joe,

best wishes in your future endeavors and thank you for your
contributions on this board. How long have you been working with IDMS
(it's ok to round off to the nearest decade)?

Lutz Petzold

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Re: who put the BOMP in the BOMP DBOMP DBOMP ?
"My first job was at Industrial National Bank, now Bank of America,
converting the DDA (checking) system from GE Macro to IBM COBOL.
Everything ran on one 370/168 with 4m and DOS/VS, the fastest machine
you could buy in the mid 70's, if I recall correctly. DDA ran at 2am,
and the one programmer and systems analyst made up the production
support, development, and qa teams. To fix production problems, one
compile was run in the middle of the day, and one link edit. Desk
checking was an art form. The 'test' consisted of running the change in
production at 2am. In fairness, the development/production support
programmer got to fix his own fix. My exposure to DBOMP came at a
manufacturer of precision gauges. This too was conversion work from
DBOMP to DLI/COPICS. Still punched cards and listings. And still 70's.
The 80's brought MVS, for me, and glass and chips instead of cards and
paper clips.