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We have posted the workshop sessions on the IUA Website ( www.iuassn,org

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We are looking for some additional DBA sessions and will gladly take
either suggestions for sessions or offers to give a presentation. By
the way, presenters do not pay for the workshop.

Bob Wiklund
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Re: TCP/IP generic listener server
"If you're using the ""generic listener"" you don't need to do the ACCEPT (that is ""accept"" the connection request from the client) - that call has already been done for you by the generic listener - by the time your program gets control you can start issuing your TCP read/write socket calls. That's why you went into a WAIT on a TCP/IP ecb when you issued the ACCEPT.

As mentioned in an earlier post you would use GETPEERNAME - in Cobol you would then use the SOCKET-FUNCTION-INETNTOA socket call to convert the network address to ""dot address"" form (i.e. nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn for display purposes).

HTH - cheers - Gary

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