R14.1 vs. R16 ADS performance

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After upgrading our test CV's from R14.1 SP6 to R16 SP2, most dialogs
are using .01 additional second of CPU, according to PMAM report 01.
This may not sound like much, but it would have a significant impact in
production. We are trying to figure out if this is:

1) An artifact of the testing process. (We no longer have an R14.1
test CV, so cannot repeat the test at that release.)
2) Something done incorrectly during the upgrade.
3) An actual increase in CPU required for ADS in R16.

We have storage protection on at the system level, and off at the
program level for ADSOMAIN and ADSORUN1. This did not change with the
upgrade. (I checked.) We are not using the new HPSPO.

Has anyone else experienced an increase in ADS CPU use after upgrading
to R16?

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Re: R14.1 vs. R16 ADS performance

CA recently released QO76681/76683/76684/76685 for SP2 on CPU increases.
Also look at QO70359/74800.

Chris Wood
Alberta Department of Energy