Re:R16 upgrade at the State of Iowa - a success!

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 24, 2006
Last weekend we upgraded all of our production and QA CV's from R14.1 to
R16. Thanks to the very thorough testing done by our applications
people, we had no big surprises.

We have a significant increase in CPU for ADS, and for SQL batch, but
not enough to cause serious problems. We are working with CA on this,
and I will update you as we learn more. It is my understanding that
most sites have not experienced this.

I would like to share some small ""gotchas"" that we found:

- Below-the-line user region required for IDMS batch jobs has increased

- DCMT ""vary area"" statements that end with a period now fail with a
syntax error. (They were allowed to execute under R14.1.) We had a
number of clists that contained this error.

- The output of a number of DCMT commands has changed. Ditto with some
of the log messages. If you have programs (or people) who key off these
messages, you may need to make some changes.

Kay Rozeboom
State of Iowa
Information Technology Enterprise
Department of Administrative Services
Telephone: 515.281.6139 Fax: 515.281.6137
Email: Kay.Rozeboom@Iowa.Gov
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Re: R16 upgrade at the State of Iowa - a success!

Sorry if I am asking for information that you previously provided but:-

What is your OS?

What version of COBOL were your DC-COBOL programs compiled under, before
the upgrade, and what version do you have available now? (When we moved
to 15.0 from 14.1 we also went from COBOL 2.2 to COBOL 3.2 and
re-compiled all DC-COBOL because the load modules were bigger and did
not want to slowly fill our Load Libraries to capacity over time)

Are you running under LE?