Mainframe access to MS-SQL Server

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Is anyone aware of a product like an ODBC driver for the mainframe that
would allow COBOL, CICS, or ADS programs to issue SQL against a Microsoft
SQL Server database?

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Re: Mainframe access to MS-SQL Server
"I thought that Vegasoft had a solution in the ODBC from mainframe space - went to their web site and sure enough - see 2nd item:

Java Client VG-Java Client V1.1 for CA-IDMS is available now. The tape V10501 is a prerequisite.
The Java Client has basically the same functionality as the Windows Client. The software is 100% Java.
Type 3 Pure Java JDBC driver is included.

ODBC Server
VG-ODBC Server Build 2001-09-10 is now available for download. To download, click Support and then Software.

Windows Client Windows Client V2.6.7 is now available for download. Click this for new features and bug fixes.
To download, click Support and then Software.

VEGA eXtensions
VEGA eXtensions Two-Phase commit between DB2, WebSphere MQ and CA-IDMS will be available soon. See details.

They're at

HTH - cheers - Gary

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