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One of the problems with the DC-Log is single threading - so if you're
writing out a system snap this can take a while and other tasks can end
up waiting. The other problem is just the additional IO. Having said
that - this is clearly only a problem while you're actually writing out
system and/or task snaps. So if you don't generate many of these it's
not much of an issue. We run with snaps OFF - and sometimes this works
against us because if we have a problem we would like CA to work on - we
don't have much for them to work with - and sometimes it hard to
recreate the problem. We are very sensitive to how much we put out to
the log and have turned off the ""report printed"", ""user logged on"" and
""user logged"" off messages (changed their routing in IDD) to reduce
traffic. Another thing to watch out for is that some people think that
they need TASK STATISTICS WRITE to get Perf Mon stats to work - all you
need is COLLECT instead of WRITE. With WRITE on you send task stats to
the LOG as well as wherever you tell perf mon to send them in the #PMOPT
- usually to SMF - so you've got them in both places. If you have WRITE
turned on you are killing your system with single threaded IO to the

That's just our position on the log - others might take a different

HTH - cheers - Gary

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