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We have had a request for a report of all the dialogs in our system. What
they are looking for is the response name and the description listed on the
Response Definition screen in ADSA. I have looked through the ADVANTAGE
CA-IDMS Reports manual several time and have not found anything that contain
this set of information. Has anyone else had to provide something like
this? How did you do it?

Scott Van Der Heyden

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Re: COBOL Compiler Question
"Thank you to everyone for all of your help. It was a problem with the
programmer using old JCL. Our MVS Systems guy had the programmer remove
the TEST(NOSYM) in the cobol parameters in the JCL and it worked.

I was also wrong, we are no longer running CobolII, it is Enterprise
COBOL. Shows how long it has been since I have compiled anything!

Thanks again,