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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 12, 2006
Does the new TCP/IP functionality (R16 SP2) make it possible to call an
external web service from within IDMS?
Does it make it possible to have a web service within IDMS that can be
called from external sources?

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Re: TCP/IP question
"This week we moved a project to our model office environment
that both calls a web service and serves as a web service.

We wrote a program that the TCP/IP listener calls when the
application calling our web service sends data to our listener's port.
We accept a standard XML document with a 4 character length added to the

front of the buffer. The application calling out web service
is a .Net based application running on an Intel platform.

The CA-IDMS web server application program is written in DC/COBOL.
It executes TCP/IP reads to get the XML document and them uses
the built-in COBOL 3 XML parser to parse the XML and move the data
into the proper working storage fields.

An XML parser example can be found here

After some database work, we then build an XML document
with the data requested by the application and use a
TCP/IP write to send the data to the requestor.

Calling a web service is similar, but you do not need a TCP/IP
listener. Our second program opens a socket connection
to the destination application and sends an XML document
to their web service. We then read their response and
check for a confirmation that our data was received.

I have attached my workshop presentation on how to code
IDMS TCP/IP programs.

Terry Schwartz
Perot Systems