Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 21, 2006
Hi Don,

Given the following two things you've said ....
something comes to my mind :
.... we've seen incidents where the broken chains are best
explained by a ""write that didn't happen""; e.g.; two set
occurrences pointing (both next and prior) into a page where
the two records in question just aren't there. Either IDMS,
MVS, the Shark DASD, the EMC DASD, or TDMF dropped the ball

... , we have just located the STORE event in the journals,
and are attempting to tie that to when the volume was
physically moved.

I have used journals in times past to at least get an idea
if IDMS ""thought"" he/it had received confirmations from the
I/O subsystem that writes to DASD successfully happened
for all of the pages - represented (by records) - found on
journal images.

I am thinking if you guys can find on the journal the ""two
records in question"" that ""just aren't there"" (on the
database now anyway) --- then, maybe that fact could reduce
the likelihood that IDMS was the principle ""culprit"".

Man, if you can see those ""missing"" stored records on the
journal here is you might accomplish :

--- Less suspicion of some possible (perhaps stress
related) ""Bug"" in IDMS. ----

So now you could concentrate more on :

- 1) MVS
- 2) Shark DASD,
- 3) EMC DASD,
- 4) TDMF

!-! Wow - now things are really narrowed down! !-!