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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 26, 2006
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Running 14.1 on OS390 on an older CPU.

Storage pool 256 SY 10500K 4348K HWM
128 ALL 27000K 12172K HWM
0 ALL 4000K 3977K HWM SOS 56 times

Can anybody tell me why 128 never gets half full and 0 goes SOS?

No CDs are on site so I can't RTFM. 16.2 is on the way, as is ZOS, but
I have to play with what I got for the next few months.

TIA for any help,

John Wheeler
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Re: Running IDMS 16 with PAV
"Chris, please forgive my naiveté. I just got a crash course in PAV devices from one of our storage gurus and he informed me that we do have WLM working behind the scenes on the PAV volume access. Apparently the storage guys figured this was to complex for lowly DBAs to grasp and never really explained the detailed workings of the PAV devices to me. (They were probably right.) :-(

If I (mis)understand this correctly, the aliases are apparently assigned at the volume level with a max of 7 active per volume (limited by EMC). A max of 128 base devices and 128 aliases are assigned per logical control unit.
WLM monitors the volume access requests and assigns aliases to volumes as necessary (up to the EMC-imposed limit). I hope this makes sense, otherwise I am totally confused on this issue.