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I have a dim memory of reading about the following new features for R15
or R16, which I cannot now find in the documentation. Can anyone tell
me if these are real, or just wishful thinking on my part?

- Automatic conversion of COBOL 'DISPLAY' to WTL for online programs.

- For IDMS/SQL, a dummy table that can be used when selecting
non-database items such as 'current timestamp'.

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Re: New features?
"IIRC this functionality came with several PTFs that were published after
R15SP2 was distributed, FWIW. Only one I can find at present in my
notes is a small correction to the main logic - QO46094 which was
published in October of 2003, but there were others. If you're on R15
and you've got this PTF applied, though, I'd think it's a safe bet that
all the others are as well. I would assume that this was ""fixed in
source"" for R16.