""Required"" 256-byte Sort Key

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I occasionally have to write ""normal"" IDMS application programs
and while looking up the syntax for ""OBTAIN USING SORT KEY"" in the
current IDMS DML manual I came across the following note that I don't
remember seeing:

""Due to the architecture of the client interface
for Advantage CA-IDMS, 256 bytes will be moved regardless of the actual
length of the working storage sort key. This additional storage should
be accounted for in order to avoid potential program exceptions that can
occur. While these exceptions are rare, they are more probable if the
sort-key is defined in a FILE or LINKAGE SECTION definition. To avoid
this problem, it is recommended that the sort-key be defined in the
program's WORKING STORAGE SECTION, padded to a full 256 bytes; and moved
in and out of the FILE or LINKAGE SECTION fields.""
This came as a bit of a shock to me. Has anyone had any problems caused
by this? It seems a rather bizarre coding choice by CA; since they
obviously know the length of the sort key from the subschema, why not
only accept and move only what is necessary? Comments would be
appreciated and I am wondering if we should review our code for this

Dan Miley
Lockheed Martin
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"Re: ""Required"" 256-byte Sort Key"

I can see the note is the 14.1 DML REFERENCE - COBOL manual but not in a
12.01 manual.

Chris Wood
Alberta Department of Energy