HYPER Q075370

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 13, 2006
This fixed the following problem:

""Indexes where compression of index keys has been defined can be
corrupted during the insertion of a
record into the SR8. This is most likely to occur when adjacent records
share a significant number of
equal leading positions.""

But existing indexes may still need to be rebuilt, if they prove to be

We've identified several indexes on our databases which potentially have
this problem. Rather than simply rebuild the index,
which could take too long, we plan on writing a generalised program to
check if any of our indexes are corrupted.

Before we start on writing this, has anyone else written code to do
this, which they'd be prepared to share?

Iain Robertson

British Telecom
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Re: HYPER Q075370
"Last year, when consulting at GE in Danbury CT I wrote a COBOL program
that repaired a corrupted index. It walked the index both up and down,
compared the results, and wrote a file with the correct structure that
was read by another program that prepared the input file for DBL003. I
know that the DBA at GE Danbury participated in this list when I was
there, and I hope that he will read this and share the program. It's
not that difficult, but it is extremely tedious.

John Wheeler