Re: SQL caching in local mode

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You can see a difference when you also use the sysidms parameter
Set once SQL_CACHE_ENTRIES=0 and look in the syslst in the buffer
statistics for the catalog.
Second job : set SQL_CACHE_ENTRIES=500.

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Subject: SQL caching in local mode

I am trying to test SQL caching in local mode by using the new SYSIDMS
parameter ""SQL_CACHE_ENTRIES=nnn"". I cannot see any difference in CPU
used, even when I execute the exact same query 10,000 times. Is there
something else I need to do to turn on SQL caching for local mode? Is
there any way to tell whether or not it is turned on in local mode?

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Re: SQL caching in local mode
"Rats. I mean it's good that the SQL is already compiled and optimized
in the access module. But I was looking for something to improve batch
performance, and I guess SQL caching is not it.

I did get a further piece of information from Cal Domingue: SQL caching
is turned on by default in local mode. The only way to turn it off is
to explicitly code the SYSIDMS parm ""SQL_CACHE_ENTRIES=0"".