Re: SQL caching in local mode

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 17, 2006
Thanks, Luc. That is helpful.

With further testing, I now believe that my problem is not with local
mode, but with COBOL in general.

When SQL caching is turned on, the following sources of SQL put entries
in the cache table (SYSCA.DSCCACHE):
- BCF (CV mode)
- BCF (local mode)
- CA-IDMS Server

But the following do not:
- COBOL batch (CV mode)
- COBOL batch (local mode)

The first obvious difference is that the first set issue dynamic SQL,
while the second set use pre-compiled access modules.
Is SQL caching not allowed for COBOL programs?

I have tried using a dynamically prepared SELECT in the COBOL programs,
but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe I am not doing it right. Has anyone
else gotten SQL caching to work for COBOL programs?