Symbolic arameters in QFILES

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Hello All:

Does anyone have an example of, or the page number references in the OLQ
Manuals for using a symbolic parameter in a where clause of an OLQ QFILE?

I know this can be done, I did this a very long time ago but I just can't
find any documentation or remember how to do it?

Bill Allen
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Re: FW: Symbolic arameters in QFILES
"Hello All:

Thanks to Anh Wong I have successfully modified the QFILE to allow me to
pass a symbolic parameter.

Here is how it works:

In the QFILE itself the first line of code is always blank, on this line you
specify the Symbolic parameter, in my case it was &USERID = OSD0201. Note: I
established a default user id of OSD0201 just in case a user does not
specify a variable parameter when they execute this QFILE.

Next I modified the where clause in the SELECT Statement to say &USERID.

Finally when I executed the QFILE either online or in OLQBATCH I used:
QFILE USER-TASK OSD0203, where OSD0203 is the user id that I want to produce
the report for. Note: you do not use the symbolic &USERID on the QFILE
Statement, just the value of the symbolic.

Also take note that you can supply multiple symbolic parameters in the QFILE
Source, but when you execute a QFILE the values must be specified first to
last or top to bottom.

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.

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You can define a parm using &Parmname. Place it on the blank line after
source module. Then use &Parmname in your select statement in the where