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Bill -

Thanks for your reply.
Installing on OS/390 and then migrating to Z/OS is really what I want to

The opposite direction was proposed by the systems guys who want me to
answer the question on why that can't be done.
I think that question is better answered by IBM, but am not positive
sure of
the conflicts that might present themselves in IDMS.
LE and CICS interfaces come quickly to mind as possibilities.

Your question on why I would ever go backwards is that Z/OS won't go
here until May.
All IDMS regions are currently on only the OS/390 machine.
Right now, Z/OS is just a TECH machine.
Until May, most access by other than the systems group will be
and probably kept to a minimum.

Also, installing on Z/OS and moving to OS/390 presents significant
challenges for me that I haven't discussed here, not to mention that I
think there would be greater potential for compatibility issues going

Your reply is exactly the kind of documentation I was hoping for that I
use to make a case.

Thanks again.
Jon Gocher

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Hello Jon:

Based on your information you are already at Z/OS 1.6, why would you
consider going backwards?

I have not performed your first scenario, but, I have installed IDMS
SP4) on OS/390 V2 R10 and then Migrated to Z/OS 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7.

The last one was done this past Weekend, on Sunday we went to Z/OS 1.7
IDMS 16.0 SP3, with no issues, not a one. As far as the IDMS Software
concerned nothing was re-worked, re-compiled or re-installed.

Having said that I would always recommend that when upgrading IDMS
levels that you should re-compile all IDMS System Mode Exits and all
written programs. This may or may not be necessary but these are the
that I have always used and have been successful using.

Bill Allen

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Dear Colleagues -

I will be most grateful to hear from anyone who has ever actually
gone =
through and experienced one of these two migration paths:

Install 16.0 on Z/OS 1.4 or higher and then run the completed system
on =
OS/390 V2R10.
Install 16.0 on OS/390 V2R10 and then run the completed system on
Z/OS =
1.4 or higher.

If you took one of these paths, do you remember what components or =
usermods you had to re-work / re-install to make this work?=20
Also, does the release of Z/OS or SP level of 16.0 make a difference
in =
the answer to the above question?

Our specific release of Z/OS is 1.6 and we will be installing 16.0
IBM's recommended migration path from OS/390 V2R10 was to go to Z/OS
first, but 1.4 isn't orderable anymore.

Jon Gocher

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Re: Migration Path for OPSYS / IDMS
"Jon, I installed R16.2 on OS/390 V2R10 and then migrated the systems to Z/OS
1.4 for one of our divisions some time ago. As I recall, I reassembled
IDMS startup and CICS interfaces and all went well.

Good luck !