RE: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Database encryption for IDMS databases

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 1, 2006
Hi Terry. No I didn't think that, reading your post, but Chris mentioned something about compression, and that's what prompted my reply.


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RE: Database encryption for IDMS databases
"Hi Carol,

I prefer to answer without posting to the list.

Since the database procedure is at the schema level,
my understanding is that it would be automatically called
just like if you used IDMSCOMP. That should include any utilities.
So all schemas that reference the record to compress need to call the

Also, you can write the procedure in COBOL as long as it is not
the older VS-COBOL. In the version 16 manuals this is documented
in the the DB Admin manual chapter 15. There is also a COBOL example.

Have you considered the new Express Reorg in version 16 sp4 to speed your

I have not completed the code yet so I have not benchmarked performance.
However, we have the HSL date convert utility which is also a database procedure and
much more complex than the code I am writing. We saw no degradation after
we installed their code back in 99.

I am still in the process of negotiating who will be the owner of the
key. Since we use Endevor for change control I am thinking the code for the
key can be kept in a highly controlled Endevor include member.