Re: Tune Index

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 16, 2007

I agree with Bill that it is almost impossible to gauge the benefit of a
TUNE INDEX unless you have some type of retrieval only job that is using
the index and you run it before and after. I also agree that it is not
to be used for large indexes with a large number of orphans.

The advantage of TUNE IDNEX is that you can run it in CV mode with
minimal impact to production. However, I have run into some issues
where it will lock out online processes. The other caveat is that, if
you have severely fragmented indexes, it can fill your lock table and
hang CV if storage pool 255 fills and overflows to pool zero.

I recommend that you test this process on your test environment and set
the COMMIT count as low as you can. Use performance monitor to monitor
your storage pools and if the pool starts to approach the max, kill the
process with OPER. This process will kick out a lot of journals. But
with the number of SR8's you mention and the number of orphans, there is
a high likelihood that you have severe fragmentation and will have to do

Hope this helps.


Jim Criscuolo