Maximum concurrent threads

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Does the ""maximum concurrent threads"" on the SYSGEN task definition
a) Maximum number of concurrent tasks that can execute using that
task code, or
b) Maximum number of concurrent run-units that a single task can have
open at once?

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Re: Maximum concurrent threads
"Thanks for the explaination, Lutz. It was very helpful.

I am kind of new to IDMS ""max task"" concepts. Since we are a UCF shop,
we have always limited concurrent IDMS tasks by using the CICS tclasses.
That way they stack up in CICS, rather than in IDMS, which made my life
easier. A great technique, except that it provides no control for web
applications accessing IDMS via CA-Server. I have a situation where the
web transactions occasionally eat up all the resources, causing problems
for the ADS application. It looks like ""maximum concurrent threads"" on
the web task code may be the solution.