Re: External run units

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 8, 2007
Pete's point about distinguishing between ""external Request Unit"" and
""external Run Unit"" is well taken. The number of External Request Units
(ERE's are the limiting factor) is limited by MAX ERUS, and also by the
number of CHECK USER TASKS (CHKUSERTASKS) - this determines the number
of subtasks allocated to detect abnormal termination of external request
units. I believe that if CHKUSER tasks is other than zero (disabled) you
should keep its value and MAXERUS the same. With the wide range of
sources of ERUS requests it will be hard for you to determine an
appropriate number. We are luckier in that all our request units are
either internal (we don't run CICS - we're a IDMS-DC shop) or batch - so
we match our MAXERUS to the number of batch initiators and this seems to
work fairly well.

Back to distinction between External ""Request Units"" and ""Run Units"". I
have tested a batch program that has bound (for academic interest only)
hundreds of ""Run Units"" - and only one ""ERUS Task"" (that is one ERE) is
allocated (a developer wanted to know if there was a ""practical"" limit
to the number of run units a batch region could bind). If I run the same
program in two regions at the same time I get two ERE's allocated - and
2*hundreds of Run Units. The same behaviour is exhibited in IDMS-DC
where an ADS task can LINK to DC-Cobol programs that each open their own
Run Unit and keep them bound for subsequent LINKs within the same task -
you only see one IDMS-DC task but there are multiple ""secondary LTE's""
allocated that represent the different Run Units associated with the
task. There is a chain of secondary LTE's from the ""primary"" (i.e. ""real
VTAM, UCF, CCI, etc) lterm.

As for the CA-Server question - we are now using the IDMSJSRV task
running inside IDMS-DC using the Release 16.0 CA-Server listener task
across TCP/IP. I tested this morning to double check (I wouldn't want to
mislead the list - people have been shot for less I know) and as you
would expect since IDMSJSRV is an internal IDMS-DC task the run units
show up as being associated with that task - which is to say they do NOT
run as ERUS tasks. I am not in a position to check on the old CCILINE

I know this doesn't help much - but somebody out there might be

Cheers - Gary