Re:Re: External run units

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 9, 2007

Is does depended on why you want to know.

If you are looking at the SYSGEN parameter MAX ERUS then all but
CA-Server requests are.
The MAX ERUS parameter defines the number of EREs that will be allocated
at CV startup. I have seen ERE referred to as EXTERTNAL REQUEST UNIT
note RQUEST and Run Unit.

The UCF front end that is used by

- Batch job (UCFBTCH).
- ADS via CICS.
- CICS dedicated task.
- TSO interface.

Acquires an ERE to handle the converse between it and IDMS.

Hope this helps in some way but is a confusing area and calculating the
correct value of MAX ERUS to prevent 1473 errors can be tricky
particularly when you have a mix such as yours.

Pete Charles