do other shops have rules against saving DBKEYs ?

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I just discovered a job(that predated my employment here) that captures
DBKEYs to a a flat file at 6:00PM saturday nights, and then another job
that runs at 10:30 PM to process this file of DBKEYs (read and process
database records)

obvuiously, 2 things can heppen:

1) a record whose DBKEY was captured for future processing can be
from the database (this is okay if the program is willing to accept the
error code)
2) the database can be unloaded/reloaded between the two jobs and mess

well, guess what - the database was unloaded/reloaded between the two
and at least one record was deleted from the database between the two

do other shops explicitly inform developers.programmers what it illegal
programming habits? or do you assume <always a bad idea) that people who
write code know how IDMS works and how to write a valid batch process???

(there is some attempt to push this as an DBA error - but this is
the (globally distributed) developers do not know IDMS and the
ramifications of bad programing ...


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Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] do other shops have rules against saving DBKEYs ?
"Generally, we don't do cross job passing of DBKEY's except in certain
controlled situations.

But read my second paragraph, the application team may have had a
reason--is the first job retrieval only during a peak and the second job
update during off-peak? There may be a justification, but I agree with
you that waiting 4.5 hours for the next job to run is ill-advised.

As for communication, it appears that the onus is on the application
team. Either the application manager did not tell his staff or he told
them and they were not aware of the consequences of an unload/reload.

Dan Miley
Lockheed Martin