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Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] do other shops have rules against saving DBKEYs ?

We don't have specific rules for not sending DBKEY's in files. In fact,
there are situations where it makes sense; for example, a program runs
in retrieval to select records to delete and passes DBKEY's in a file
for a subsequent step to delete. This lowers the number of deadlocks
since the time in retrieval to determine the records to be deleted is
typically a lot longer than the time in the update step to actually
delete the records.

you indicate cross-STEP passing of DBKEYs (with which I totally agree) -
do your shops condone cross-JOB passing of DBKEYs ?

As to your current situation, we wouldn't allow the time separation to
be over 4 hours, that seems strange. Perhaps the application team
wanted to wait until after peak operating hours to do the update (not
sure if the first job was update as well, that would disallow my

Finally, was the application staff aware that a unload/reload was
scheduled? If they were, then the fickle finger of fate points to them.
If a unload/reload was done without their knowledge, then I have to say
that the ""finger"" points the other way.

did each individual know of the unload/reload? unknown - it WAS approved
(via email) as to time and purpose by the appl dev manager!